Two down three to go

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I was worried I was not going to do well on this exam. We got into hormones, brain injury genetics, drugs, and aging. There were a lot of topics but toward the end I studied pretty hard for an entire week. I thought I was going to get at least a 95. Going into the exam, it was all pretty straight forward if you understood the language and the concepts. HOWEVER, I knew exactly what I got wrong as I was bubbling in my answer. It was those things that I skipped over, and didn’t spend much time on. Of course what I spent most of my time on was no where to be found. (typical) I have to tackle this bad habit of spending too much time on one thing and not everything equally. But again, considering the class average, not too shabby.



Untrained monkeys

What happens when untrained professionals give out help to the gullible

It wreaks havoc into the lives of the families

Where has purity gone

Where has hope for a better future

Only evil produces fears into the hearts of man

Pastors have suddenly become clinicians

Trained psychologists

They create a platform on the back of Christ

They promote freedom and security

Little do they know or care to understand the creation of God

His loved ones and His DESIGN

They promise spiritual freedom through experimental perversion.

In the name of God with the hand of science.

Yet, they refuse to do the work

They refuse to study and see for themselves

They desire spoon-fed psychology

Their chests are puffed up because their manipulation prevails

Yet, they have little to no clue what He has created





I’m not an emotion

I am a fact of life

Here from the beginning to the end

What I do is not controlled by wishful thinking

Faith is knowledge

Power and wisdom

Words can not contain what and who I am

Accept what I have produced

Choose to love the imperfect

Human bodies mean nothing

It is the Life inside of it that I care about

I produce fighters


Love is not for the weak

Love should be like oxygen. Necessary, everywhere, and free. Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to earn love, or friendship. Most often than not, it is people who struggle with loving themselves that are stingy with loving others freely. Always remember that an empty cup cannot pour out!

Stay tender, love in all situations, cry and curse if necessary. But never stop loving other human beings. And if you find yourself slipping, hold onto the thought that you aren’t like them.

One down four to go

I mean considering the class average I’m okay

I definitely could have studied more

Now that I know how the exams are I think it’ll probably do better next time

I bought a lecture recorder midway which might have helped me to remember more and study better. Considering the amount of content we have to remember, I don’t see how anyone is not recording the lectures.


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Honestly statistics is like a foreign language. It’s all just formulas on formulas on formulas. I think it’s so hard for me to get into because it is looking at people through numbers. I resist it so much, just because I am such an emotional creature.


sugar sugar, how’d you get so fly?

I met a man at the same time that I was beginning classes.

Except this man wasn’t like any other. He was it. He was everything I was looking for and more.

I thought about him every second of the day.

It was more than lust more than sex it was his whole being

All of a sudden I heard a knocking at my senses.

Realize the attack and walk away

Christian people will describe this as the warning of the Holy Spirit

I cried so much that night

boogers and tears in one big mixture on my shirt

My pillow soaked in sadness

Some people in your life will come at times when it is imperative that you stay focused on your goal. They are called distractions. Learn to recognize them. Learn to walk away. If it is meant to be it will come back when it needs to. Nothing is worth sacrificing your dreams and goals and destiny.

I was sad like little kid whose lollipop just got taken away. However, a lollipop is nothing compared with going to the sugar factory. The drive there will be long but it destination is worth it.


Here it is, My passion returning.

I’m going to start blogging about my journey into psychology.

It’s been a really long road but I finally feel like I’m getting where I need to go

I still have some required classes to take

Like statistics and French

I mean, yes I could have taken the easy way out by taking a Spanish exam and waiver my language requirement. What would I gain? I would have the regret later on in life when I try and learn French a different way. Even so I regret not learning French in high school.

I’m taking two psych classes this semester

Social psychology

Physiological psychology

Now social psych I am not a big fan of

But I think it’s because I don’t understand it

Also because anything that has to do with being social leaves a bad taste in my mouth

Hopefully I’m proven wrong

As I look around I do see how some people could really enjoy this college life and living on campus

They have their mini independent lives

An illusion of what real independent living is

Every cost every meal it’s all summed up in one huge bill

I don’t envy them I am happy for them

Thankful for them, that they are able to enjoy this type of life while they can

It’s a beautiful thing

There are booths outside on the courtyard

I even saw a Christian booth giving out free study bibles

I mean I could totally get into that

However I feel a sadness

Like I don’t belong

Alone as if no one else is suffering the way that i am

& here

I am in this huge lecture hall and it’s fantastic I love being alone in a big space knowing that no one can bother you

But on the bright side :

I can already tell I am going to love this class, physiological psychology

It’s freaking amazing learning about the brain

Different ways to read it

Proof that damage to the brain can have an impact in your behavior

Here is it … my passion returning