Why did God try and kill Moses?


As a christian it’s imperative that we understand the Old Testament. In order to make sense of everything Jesus talks about, you have to take a history course in PreJesus. Of course for a new found follower of Christ, I always say to start with the Gospels. The reason for that is because you need to know the love of Christ and who He is. You need to know His life here on earth how he behaved towards others and how he healed and forgave. If you have already had a relationship with Christ for some time and if you read the gospel or gospels and want to move on, you have two options.

First, you can continue reading the New Testament and study the letters that follow the gospels. There you will meet a very extraordinary and important man named Paul. Christ driven and fiercely in love with His God given purpose, he wrote almost half of the New Testament. His letters address all of the churches that he visited, along with the disciples whom also have letters. Life after Jesus is found in Acts, where the first church began.

Secondly, you can go back and read the Old Testament, either first or after, there is not really a specific order to this. Whatever the Lord leads you to read is where you should start. Pray about it. If you start in the Old Testament, and learn about the old covenant that Jesus abolished (see…confusing) then start with Genesis and go from there.

Thirdly, psalms and proverbs are often read in a disorganized manner. If you want to read those whenever, they will be confusing but there is so much of Gods good word in there.

Going back to our PreJesus course. I recently went back to read Exodus. In exodus you read about a man named Moses. This man born as a prince of Egypt, being a Hebrew he was chosen by God, to deliver His people. There is so much of his story and I am not going to recap. I am going to tell you what I learned from reading Exodus again.

By again I mean I have read it before, but I was a different person in the past. That is the great thing about the bible, you will never read the same scripture as the same person. It will speak to you in ways you could not see before. So reading exodus this time, what always hit me is the fact that God tried to kill Moses! That part always throws me off, it’s too random. It was random because I did not understand. What God spoke to me about it this time is that Moses was going to be a leader. He was going to need strength and divine power from God. He needed to be close to God and able to listen to His every command. How many of us know that sin keeps us from hearing the Lord. (Amen) Moses had sinned, because he chose to listen to his wife. His wife was not Hebrew so she did not believe in circumcision.

He did not circumcise his son on the eighth day (which was the Hebrew custom). When Moses was on his way back to Egypt to speak to Pharaoh about letting Gods people go, it says the Lord came to kill him but his wife quickly intervened. She circumcised the son with a stone that she found nearby. Now Moses would be able to live. Obviously the wife knew what Moses had done wrong, and she knew what the Lord wanted but chose not to obey. That is how she “saved” him. After this, Moses sent his wife and his son back to their home land.

It is important to note that his wife was going to be a stumbling block to Moses. Because husbands try to make their wives happy, they are put between a rock and a hard place. You can NOT put your significant other before God. You can NOT allow your significant other to be a stumbling block to what God has called you to. Because this is the Old Testament, they did not have the blood of Christ that covers all sin. There is no one to mediate before God for you. God saw sin and he punished it. (how blessed are we now) What I know is that Moses had a great amount of hardship and responsibility coming his way. He needed to be free of sin and clear of conscious in order to fight for his people. Finish Exodus and you will see the importance of that. If you believe that God has called you to do something, make sure that nothing and no one gets in the way of that. Allow Gods grace to change you, because you know you are as unworthy as Moses, but he will still use you.

I know that this say God was going to kill Moses, but you know that God does not come to kill or destroy, so look at it this way. Did God want to kill Moses, or did his wife? It is easy for us to look at his wife and not think she wanted to, but she knowingly made her husband disobey God and put him in the path of destruction. God still had the power to let Moses die, but chose to forgive him because his wife “came to her senses.” Sometimes the people around us will throw us into the line of fire and we often confuse our pain and suffering with God. We become angry at him, but never seem to look at the cause of it all. It could be your sin blocking you from hearing from God, it could be a distraction, but here we are looking at significant others. Is that person you “love” allowing destruction to come into your life? Do you love God enough to obey Him before anyone else.

I have had to do this myself in the time I was reading this in Exodus. I knew that I could not allow friends or a loved one, keep me from what God has for me. It is HARD, and no one wants to be alone, God made us social creatures. Trust Him to give you the right friends and put you into a healthy relationship. One that wont compromise His good plan for your life.

I will continue posting about Exodus at a later time in my blog, because let’s face it, there is only so much we can read at one time. Also any questions about something leave a comment.