That’s uh…really specific…


Reading the end of Exodus was…interesting and religiously specific. Moses goes up to the mountain to speak to God. God gives him instruction to write on two stone tablets. Which included laws, the commandments and how to build a holy place for God so he can reside among them. As well as, who will be priests, how to consecrate them, how to give offerings for forgiveness, and much more. He tells them how to make The Table, The Lampstand, The Tabernacle… and the list goes on. (read it yourself people!)

Today we are taught that religiosity is frowned upon. Jesus came to deliver us from religious people, and religion itself can have many demons manifest into our lives. So of course I read this with great precaution, so as not to get caught up in all the rules. At the same time, I was getting bored and annoyed (God forgive me) I want to be honest here, but in my honesty God revealed something to me. He told me

“Nikki, what about all those times when you yelled at me asking me to tell you what to do. When you were stumped on life and you wanted my specific instructions? How many times have you wished in your heart that I would just tell you what I want?”

It hit me, I have wanted this religious life. Those moments when I was unable to hear from God and when I was in sin and blind to the truth. I just wanted God to specify what he wanted me to do, how he wanted me to move and where!

God is not religious, he had to do this for the Israelites because they were sinful people. They did not know where to go or what to do. They could not hear from God instead Moses had to speak to them for God. The prophets had to prophecy and you had to trust that it came from God.

I wanted an easy way out, I did not want to repent, or think, or change my heart. I just wanted rules so that I could feel an empty accomplishment.

I thank God for Jesus, I thank God that I can directly hear from him today. That He moves inside of me and I don’t have to depend on the law to tell me I am worthy or holy. That I don’t have to depend on a priest or a prophet, or even a pastor.

God is so intimate, and that intimacy is what makes us do great things in His name. Our creativity at work, our love at home, our strength in life. All things are Him, the Holy Spirit moving inside of our triune being, (spirit soul body) enabling us to hear from Him directly.



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  1. Great post!
    I, too have struggled with this at times in a similar way.
    I am a Christian, but a couple years ago I would look at some of the customs of the Catholic Church and begin to have some appreciation for them, even a little envious in a way that we do not have such things in our faith.

    Things like praying with rosaries, putting ashes on our foreheads on ash Wednesday, going to confession, etc.

    But then it hit me that at the end of the day, all those customs are just man-made things and have little to no significance in God’s eyes. He abolished the old law, customs like the very ones still practiced by Catholics and other faiths, because Christ already fulfilled the WHOLE law for us so that we would never have to! Not to mention we can now come before Him any time to confess our sins, for He is our High Priest.

    It is sometimes enjoyable to do tangible things for God, but then again it is SO much better to realize that we no longer have to do such rituals because we are now living under grace because of Jesus. This is not in any way meant to “bash” the Catholic religion, just expressing some thought process that I went through on the topic.

    Thanks for the read!

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