There are Christian people who will tell you that you need to change.

That in itself is a lie.

You can’t do anything

Which is exactly why you need Jesus

Come as you are says the word of God. Take that and run with it, toward deliverance. You know how you are and what you battle, the only way to change is with God.

The most important thing to remember is that it is a PROCESS.

I’ve been Christian my entire life. I’ve loved God and I’ve hated Him. I’ve sang songs of love and I cursed Him. I’ve left my faith and lived to please myself. I’ve destroyed my body and I’ve poisend my mind. I’ve sinned countless times with intervals of fake repentance, only to go back again.

In all of that, God remained faithful to me . He does not cower at the thought of you hating Him. He does not fear your empty promises to Him. He does not consider your falls.


Because He loves you so much that He shed the blood of His son in anticipation of your life.

I say your life because you will never be perfect until the day you die. Your entire life will be a constant battle. Full of failure and trial.

The number one mistake you can do is think that you NEED to change.

Instead focus on the fact that He WILL change you. You may not feel it or see it. Even if you don’t recognize it. God is always working on your behalf, he is the master potter and you are spinning on his wheel. Your clay has not hardened yet so take hope!

My prayer this beautiful Sunday morning is that anyone struggling with faith. Those who feel God is not working for them. That you remember that He never rests, He is ALWAYS working. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy take those thoughts captive and surrender them to God. Live your life in confidence knowing that wherever you go you have The Holy Spirit of God inside of you. I pray that the peace that surpasses all understanding fall on you today. Amen. 


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  1. Great post and so true. Too bad so many people just don’t believe they can change with God’s help. We just have to keep persevering, you and I, for as long as He tells us to. God bless.

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