Love, my darling, Love

When we met I was a stupid little girl

brace faced and wild eyed

My looks were always cynical, my thoughts were maniacal

I knew from the moment I saw you, you were it

But, I never thought for a second you would become my entire world


I was just a fucking cashier

Everything I once dreamed of doing was repressed to the darkest part of my heart

I had no plan or goal for the future

Just reckless living

Sex, orgies, drugs, alcohol, cigarette stenched… I was wasting away


Until you saved me and made me the woman I am today

You taught me how to love myself

You showed me how to be faithful

The way you loved me changed something inside of me


You were with me through the struggle & when I wanted to give up you didn’t let me

You dug out those broken dreams and brought them back to life


Through the tears and the pain and the fighting  you were there

At night you would console me, listen to me, love me, make me laugh, and stay up with me until I was at ease


I went from poverty to riches at such a young age

Sometimes it still baffles me how far i’ve come

I exceeded all expectations

You watched me climb higher and higher

All my work was worth it

because I had you


& now that you aren’t here I can’t find a reason to go on

I search for purpose but come up empty

Because love my darling, love, is the drive behind all things.