The secret to…

Any book that states “the secret to…” is more often than not claiming to know a truth that has never been found and will never be copied. However most books do not, in fact, know “the secret to”

As a single women I read the secret to love that lasts a book for married couples who are having intimacy problems or on the verge of divorce.

I read it as per a request

And you can guess the excitement and zeal with which I read every precious letter within this book.

I admit, I was skeptical and every concept I would question rather than accepted.

What I got from it was that codependency is good in the context of marriage

Appeasing your partners every desire is good in the context of marriage

And that god forbid you speak a love language other than their primary one

Because then down the tank of love goes

What I don’t believe in, is love languages. I believe that anyone who tries to divide love into boxes has already lost the meaning of love.

Love is explosive intangible complex

Something that human beings long to know but will never the actual fullness of the meaning of love or how to love.

God is love

If you claim to know love you are claiming to know God and God is not confined to boxes or exercises or divisions that work for marriage practicality.

I believe that if you try to understand love you will drive yourself insane.

Above your marriage, you should love God. And with the same love that God has given to you, love your spouse.

As soon as we understand that love can not be understood then we receive the freedom to learn.

Now I’m not saying that this book deserves to be taken off every shelf for its false advertisement. What I am saying is that you should not take this book hoping to find the secret to anything. The secret is that there is no secret. I learned good concepts in this book, psychological ones and sociological ones. Even as a single women I learned important information about the dynamic of married couples.

I did not find the secret to lasting love nor did I find my own love language.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and the author is an intelligent and excellent writer. It was refreshing to read his work and I would love to read his other works.