Notes from a Sunday sermon


Athens city of the gods

Given over to idols

Philosophers and intellectuals of his (Paul) day. 

“What do you want me to do Lord?”

Acts 16 last time he had a solid word from God

1 Corinthians 4

Paul is trying to get people to identify with his suffering

Acts 18:1-3

Paul goes from Athens to Corinth 

Paul had experience as a tentmaker

He had to work by day he wasn’t in ministry full time 

His work friends were a blessing from God

V. 4 ministry was on the sabbath

Persuading them- takes energy

There is a struggle going on

It’s becoming a daunting task

Constant restistence 

Constant opposition 

V.5 pressed in spirit 

Offering refreshed and released Paul to focus on his ministry

Pressed compressed packed …in spirit

V.6 met with more rejection from the Jews

Up until this point the Jews have been the focus of his ministry but he shook his garments gesture of repudiation and moved on to the gentiles

I shake off the guilt of your condemnation for rejecting Jesus. 

Do not give to dogs what is sacred do not cast your pearls to swine

Don’t stay in something that is hurtful and violent to our soul

If you do they will trample them under their feet and then tear you to pieces

Paul is saying I did my best and I am moving on and I will not be stuck in this unhealthy dynamic

God gives us the gift of goodbye

V.9-10 a year since Paul heard something solid from God but now the Lord comes in with a vision and prophetic word. Paul was AFRAID 

God knew Paul’s fears of his future 

I am with you…. says the Lord 

When they were unsure of their future God spoke these words to many of his people

Paul is learning of the enemy’s tactic

To keep you silent and take your words away

Because if the enemy can silence you he takes your essence and purpose away

If the enemy can silence you the next step is you would throw in the towel

Usually when we think we are alone we are not alone

V.12-13 remember the attack will not cause you harm

V.14-16 God uses the judge

V.18 Paul leaves Corinth and then returns to his home. 


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