if someone could show me how to argue with God

What happens when you pray diligently for something

When you pray with all your might

When you have faith

and no one can trample on your hope

What happens when that prayer is ultimately denied

….what happens when God says ….no

How do you argue with God?

How do you ask Him, what are you doing? or why not?

Can I throw a tantrum please

Can I be angry at You

What happens when you fight with the silence

When youre throwing  your fists against the wind

every punch, you realize, is energy wasted

Because no one is responding and no one is comforting you

How can you yell at God for being so unfair

How can you tell Him you want an explanation

My prayer at one point was so convicting

I thought…wow, for sure this will come to pass

Now I am doubting

The veil of illusion swept off my face…

Finally in the present, I realize that I wasted all my focus and energy on this prayer

This prayer that You knew was not going to come to be!

I bet you were up there, shaking Your head at me

Poor daughter…she doesn’t even know what is to come

I just wish I guess, You could have warned me.

I just wish I guess, You would not have looked on as I foolishly prayed for something that was never going to happen

How am I not supposed to doubt now? Where do I draw my strength from now?

What happens when God says..no…is that He says NO

There is no adding to it, and no taking away from it. It is a simple no

And when my anger goes away I am still sad, but deep down I know that I have no where to turn to

I can not force myself to deny Your existence now.

I can not force myself to turn back to my old evil habits out of punishment to You

You don’t need my obedience…You want it.

And if I don’t give it…I am only hurting myself.

So tell me….what do you do when God says no?

You simple reply a very humble……okay.


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