to the girl who acts like a man



When I see you all I see is madness

the way you throw all your hair to one side

and walk around with your nose and chin up

how you raise a sweet eye and brow my way

but when you clench your jaw it throws me off

I can not understand why someone like you would be masking anger

am I the only one who sees it

you squint as you clench and chills goes down my spine

eventually tears stream down

because the madness I saw

was sadness


So many women I think, have to act like men. They have to masquerade as if they did not have a biological disposition to emotional reactions. You can see it in their behavior. You can see it by the way they carry themselves. Eventually though, they crack. Streams of loving water flowing from the windows of the soul. The beautiful thing about women though, is that the emotion that they could not contain, is actually fuel. Fuel that lights the fire to change, to hope, to power, and strength. Above everything you must do….Feel emotion….raw emotion. It does something to you, it creates change from the inside and overflows to everything around you. Don’t let society make you into a man, you are more than that….you are fully woman.


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