unjustified insult

Someone just told me that I was incomplete because I was not in a committed relationship, like marriage.

Then proceeded to tell me not to be insulted. If I was, it was because something inside me is not confident enough to not be shaken by those callous words.

I asked why it was not an insult and that person said because it’s okay to be incomplete….

  • incomplete means unfinished, missing a part, etc… or am I wrong? humanity is incomplete in the flesh. We are sinners and evil resides in us whether we want to believe it or not
  • HOWEVER….we are loved by God. in our brokenness He glorifies Himself and through Jesus we ARE complete. Every individual human being.

To all the single people out there, enjoy your singularity. Stay close to the Lord who can satisfy your every desire.

To all the people who are not married, or don’t plan on being married, hold out. Don’t compromise, strengthen yourself with Gods love, and let the Holy Spirit comfort you.

It’s scares me when people in the name of the Lord say these things. I want all of humanity to know that in Christ, they are complete. That no man or woman will fulfill you the way God does. marriage is a commitment, sex is a gift. Stay faithful to the Lord, he knows just what you need.


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