youthful angst and courage

The sting of getting fired does not compare to the sting of watching a co-worker and friend be verbally and emotionally abused day in and day out.

To think that I was told to turn the other cheek.

Having the accused lie to my face and charge me with stepping over the line. Stepping over my position. As if my position had anything to do with morality. As if I was not good enough to have my concerns validated.

As a superior it is your responsibility to stop abuse and discrimination in any and every situation.

As a witness it is your responsibility to not succumb to the evil of inaction.

It does not matter your status, how many degrees or awards you have received. Every human being is equal and deservers respect.

In the workplace it is so difficult to speak up to your superiors because they can threaten your financial security. It is also difficult because they will do anything to shut you up and accuse you of any and everything that will disqualify your statement.

I can’t believe I went through this but I am glad I did.

What hurts the most is that the one person that could have stopped it all….didn’t.

The one person I believed would do the right thing…didn’t.

It hurts because I grew to care about this person and respect and even love him as a brother in Christ.

Still I didn’t go without a fight. No one can ever say I never spoke up or that I just walked away. I was prepared to right this wrong until the end of it. I hope that my absence will speak for what I believed in.

I guess I was young enough and hard headed enough to speak up and not shut up….even though I almost didn’t. There were days when I just didn’t want to deal with it….but my youthful angst gave me the push I needed. I realized that I never want to grow to the point where I don’t have the courage to speak up for something I believe in. Regardless of what that means for my family or my appearance or even my career. I never want to care about myself so much that I stop caring about my fellow brother and sister in pain.






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