God of your soul

Silence is weird because there never really is silence. You can always hear something.

Try it…close your ears…what do you hear? It’s like a wave, a deep buzzing. Eventually you will hear your blood pumping and your heart thumping. Is that why people go insane during solitary confinement? When all they have is the thoughts inside their own head. People suffer permanent brain damage because of it, and that is a scary thought. We need something coming INTO us. Like someones voice, the wind, a knocking,  laughter, something outside of us that we can not control.

I want to try this out…just being in the dark alone no noise no disruption. What will happen to me?

I like to think I will begin focusing on God…but then I will become angry because I will think about my life….but then I will go back to being grateful to God because I will think about how good He has been to me. I like to think that I will go back and forth in this train of thought until I drive myself insane.

Usually when we don’t want to think about things we distract ourselves. If I am taken the opportunity to distract myself away…what will remain?

You see, when I step outside…there is SO much noise. It makes me feel small. It lightens my mood, and helps me think optimistically. I am not stuck in my own thoughts and there is distraction everywhere.

I think we hate being in silence so much because we are born of sin. Our flesh is from this earth so it craves things of this earth. All we know how to do is move. Move on, move forward, and when we hunger we feed ourselves. When we need to remove waste from our body we do so. Everything is in constant motion. Even if we tried to be still we couldn’t because our bodies don’t allow us to.

What about our minds?

Our minds are part of our body…it is constantly working even when we sleep. It is never still. I could not stop thinking right now, even if I tried. I would think about how I am not trying to think. I would think about how I am thinking about not trying to think. The cycle could go on forever. I would become distracted by every and any little thing.

So why does God tell us to be still…and know that I am God?

He is not talking about not moving, or not doing anything productive. He is not talking about stoping in your tracks and thinking about Him (although that is great to do). He is talking about your soul.

Did you ever wonder how you don’t really know what your soul is? You try to rationalize in your mind what you think it is, but you really … really do not know.

Let’s turn to google

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 5.16.03 PM

Now, immaterial means irrelevant so can we say that your soul is irrelevant to your body? Our souls should not be considered when we are talking about our bodies. Our soul is not relevant when we are talking about our own humanness.

So, our soul is an entirely separate concept? But is says…”part of a human being or animal.” Let’s disagree with google for a moment and say that our soul is not part of our body and it’s function has no relevance to our minds, emotions, or bodily functions.

Think for a moment, do you think it is possible for someone not to have a soul? Sometimes in moments of laughter, I like to say I have no soul. Yes I say that because during a period of my life, I was cruel and somewhat evil in nature.

But, nonetheless I did have a soul. (Ha..to all my siblings)

So we say someone does not have a soul when they are cruel and show no love toward other human beings or animals.

Is soul therefore equivalent to goodness and love?



Remind yourself in your mind that you are more than human, there is a soul deep within your bodily members that will one day be with The One who IS Goodness and Love. Your soul makes you who you are…when people are alive it is largely because of their soul…not just because their hearts are pumping inside of them. Otherwise they would just be like a machine able to function but with no driver.

Sometimes we say my soul cries out to God. Perhaps we mean that our minds are getting in the way of our soul. Everything coming out from outside of us INTO us (things outside of us that aren’t God) taking the light away from our soul. Our soul is not crying out….our mind is getting frustrated because it needs our soul to be the center stage and our soul…wants to be with God, because God breathed his Life into us that which became our soul.

If we are always thinking..let us think about God and our own soul connecting with God. How we can clean up all our thoughts inside our mind so that there isn’t chaos in the silence.

When I think about stillness I think about something deep inside me that is not worried, not angry or impatient. Something inside me that is not thinking about causing others harm or hating anyone. Something inside me that just….IS. I think that is my soul.

We need God to come into us. He is that external thing that we can not control coming into us. I would like to think that if I was in solitary confinement, just thinking about God would not be enough. I would have to connect my soul to Him. I would need him to be coming into me, during those moments of darkness and silence. It is the only way to keep sane.

So I would like to say that when God tells me to be still and know that He is God. I think He is telling me to connect my soul with Him.

and how do we connect with God…through our Spirit

…….but that is a whole different topic


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