Mustard seed (s)

It’s funny how I went to church and the message was on provision. How we need to get out of a poor mindset. Most people think being poor is humble, but that is not the case. God delights in your prosperity and I think that is a powerful message. To have someone take pleasure when you excel and are living good is not something that humans are used to. We are used to climbing on top of each other to get to the top. We are in a constant state of competition with each others lifestyle. It is a selfish world out there. At first the message didn’t seem much to me. I know God is a provider and He has provided for me ALL the time. But now I find myself in desperate financial need. Like a testing of my faith, God spoke to me before the trial. Now I have to make a decision to either panic and sink into despair or take God at His word and watch Him do wonders for me. I choose the latter even if my faith is like a mustard seed.


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