Fast Car

Do you have a fast car?

Is it fast enough to fly us out of here.

There is nothing better than getting in your car in the middle of the night and driving down the empty highway. You, your favorite tunes, and an open road.

There was a time when I would do that, but I had a cigarette in hand and a death wish. I would go above 100 mph and I would contemplate driving off the road. I thought to myself, I could honestly end it right now. All it takes is a quick turn of my steering wheel. It will all happen so fast I won’t suffer.

I have been listening to Tracy Chapman, Fast Car, and I honestly can not get enough of it. I feel her every word. There were times, when I would just drive, drive, drive…so far away with no place in mind to go. But the difference between then and now, is just what she says… “I had a feeling that I belong, a feeling that I could be someone”

What is that innate feeling inside of us that desires escape with the motive to belong. It’s almost an oxymoron. I don’t have that same death wish as before, instead I feel like I have a purpose, the open road, a symbol of my freedom and my journey there. Thanks Tracy Chapman…



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One Reply to “Fast Car”

  1. I used to drive fast too and driving around with no destination was a teenager’s dream that helped in time of need listening to inspiring music… Hey, check out the song compilation on my site and see if there are others that encourage and motivate… Yeah, that song by Tracy Chapman is a good one.

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