Dear baby boy, I pray that you are whole, spirit, soul, and body.

It’s so important to take care of the three aspects that make us who we are. Your spirit which connects to God’s Holy Spirit, your soul that holds your passions and yearnings and will be alive for all eternity, and your body which consists of your mind. Everything working in perfect harmony is the ideal state we want to be, but when it doesn’t we get into trouble. Our dependency of Christ is the ultimate glue that holds these three facets together. And our imperfectness is what God desires, because without it, we wouldn’t need Him. Isn’t it so beautiful?

So why do we strive to be whole, because it is also what God desires. Confusing…yes. I mean he enjoys our dependency on Him, because then we will realize His POWER, yes when we strive and when we work to become whole, depending completely on His help, we experience his Supernatural power, He glorifies Himself in ways that that leave us dumbfounded. . .

That is why I pray baby boy, that you are whole, spirit, soul, and body.



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